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Home improvement products of categories like building materials, hardware, gardening, painting, maintenance, storage, flooring, electrical, and many more. Browse Menards Ad and see the latest deals on all these products if there is any. The retailer has 305 stores in Kentucky, Wyoming, Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and more states. And the store has been serving since 1959.

Other than weekly print ads, you can also occasionally see Tv or Radio ads of Menards. The best way to follow their discounts is to check the ads. The number of deals and the ads can highly increase in Christmas and holiday season. Menards is accepted as the third largest home improvement store in the United States.

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Menards Weekly Ad Oct 14 - 23, 2021

11% off everything this week at Menards. Buy professional products to work on your home. October is fire safety month. Consider buying additional security products for your place. 2-pack battery-powered smoke alarm is one of the products you can find on this Menards weekly ad. There are also Halloween specials on Menards weekly ad Oct 13 - 23, 2021. Pumpkin candy bags are some of them on the front page. Hershey mixes, chocolate & sugar mixes of Snickers, Skittles, and more are available on the first page. Find steel roofing products with new deals on the latest ad. Insulation is another major subject in the ad. Doors for exterior and interior places are present with new deals.

Halloween candy sale: Tootsie, chocolate & sugar mixes, Hershey pg 1  Free folding knife  Air conditioner cover deal, LED 2-pack book light, 4000 lumen LED pg 1  Steel roofing deal - 36" W steel, and more similar delas pg 2  save 15% on energy, feel more comfortable pg 3  Indoor and outdoor door deals pg 4  Paint sale: essentials, trim paint, flat paint, 2" paint brush, 9" roller covers, and more pg 6  Free carpet pad and laminate underlayment for your purchases in flooring cate... Read More...


Menards Weekly Ad Oct 7 - 16, 2021

Menards Weekly Ad Oct 6 - 16 2021 has special offers for home improvement, painting, flooring, kitchen, and more categories. Starting on the front page of this ad, you can browse the items that are participating to the 11% off rebate sale. LED Shop light is one of the items that can be seen on the first page. Its price is $9.99. 5-gallon wet/dry vacuum, RV & Marine antifreeze, leather gloves are on sale. A variety of paints will be on sale at Menards stores. Flat paint, satin paint for exterior/interior will be 11% off. If you had plans to change your flooring, check out the new deals of ceramic, mosaic, stone deals of the flooring category on pg 3. Laminate floor with over 30 styles and carpets with over 85 styles are featured items of Menards as promoted on this ad.

5-gallon wet/dry vacuum, construction adhesive, interior flat paint on front page. pg 1 Paint variety: exterior or interior paints, extra mail-in rebates, water pressure pg 2 Free Carpet Pad and laminate underlayment with your purchases in flooring category pg 3 Vinyl Plank Flooring 11% off pg 4 Kitchen cabinets: French Door refrigerator, gas range, and more pg 5 Over 1800 faucets in the range of M... Read More...

Menards Weekly Ad Sep 30 - Oct 9, 2021

Menards welcomes you to save another 11% off a new product range. Browse what you can save in the latest Menards weekly ad sale and get an idea for improving your home or work a little bit further. This rebate sale covers products of furniture and BBQs. Plus, you can get a free 5'x7' area rug with the purchase of upholstered living room furniture. Gas Grills, pellet grills, and fire pits that will not functionally save your life when you throw a grilling party, but they will beautifully design your backyard, too. You can buy backyard creations 34" tile top steel fire pit for only $149.99!

Free Rug Deal on the front page  11% off everything.  Fire pits and grill deals, pellet grills, gas grills pg 2  Brushless blower, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, and more gardening products pg 3  Garage organization products pg 4 Decking and lumber products pg 5. Pay only $3.99 for treated lumber which has 58 additional sizes available.  Halloween sale: pumpkin deals, harvest corn, corn stalks, spooky lighting, treats, glow mask, and more pg 8-9  Cleaning supplies: DampRid, Libman, mops, and more items pg 14 

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Menards Halloween Decoration Items Sep 6 - 12, 2020

In-store and online 11% off everything including Menards Halloween Decoration items this week.Menards Halloween Decoration Items Sep 6 - 12, 2020 Buy costumes, skeleton, gardening products, pumpkin, and many more spooky items to decorate your home. Enjoy the best night of the year. You can buy a hanging ghoul at Menards Stores Browse the Menards Weekly Ad Sep 6 - 12 to see that deal on pg 2. Reaper is also in this ad. If you don't just buy spooky products that are the classic elements of the Halloween theme, you can also check out Fall's favorite colors for painting. Mostly brown and its tunes that kind of reminds of the falling leaves. A lot more deals and content are available in the Menards Ad Sep 6 - 12.

Menards Weekly Ad Patio Sale Jun 28 - Jul 4, 2020

4th of July, furniture, and more from Menards Weekly Ad Patio sale. A new grill would be something to be excited about if you enjoy celebrating 4th of July. Menards Weekly Ad Patio Sale Jun 28 - Jul 4, 2020Use your backyard and gather together with the family. Lots of products are available in the Menards Ad, but to many people, patio deals are really important right now. Buy comfortable seat sets, solar lights, decorative products, and more at Menards stores. 3-piece dalton park seating collection will cost only $889.99. Create an outdoor living place in the backyard. 11% off everything this week. Menards sells high-quality paints, crack fillers, sealers, and more on pg 3. Buy pourable elastomeric blacktop crack filler for only $5.95 after the discount.

Check out the details of these products, too:

Menards is not only a home improvement store. 11% rebate deal is also valid for snacks and grilling food essentials. Cold sweet tea, 18-pack Citrus punch drinks, Ketchup, pickles, and more products are also available in the ad. Also, see Menards 4th of July products that can be great decorative ideas:

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Menards Door Sale and Online Extras Jun 14 - 20, 2020

Shop solid doors and other home improvement products at Menards stores this week.Menards Door Sale and Online Extras Jun 14 - 20, 2020 The prices are valid until Jun 20. A modern door can change the overall look of your house significantly. External Grille French Swing Patio Door, Fluted half lite with the sideline, and more products may help you do that dearly. Don't forget to see the Menards weekly ad before you buy anything.

  • External grille more lite $226.06
  • Savannah offset lite $382.17
  • Arcadian half lite $420.08
  • Aspen half lite $444.11
  • Memphis full lite $621.22

Many more products are available in the Menards Ad.