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Check out the deals on Harris Teeter Weekly Ad in this page. You can browse all the pages of the new ad or read reviews about the products. In the ads, information and promotions of e-VIC member prices, coupons, fuel points, and weekly price drops are usually available. All you need to do is to click on the image of the cover page on this page. Sometimes you can double your fuel points. BOGOs are also a frequently encountered discount in the Harris Teeter Ad like other weekly sales. They also offer a credit card with benefits like rewards, extra savings for a number of purchases, some free groceries, and it doesn’t have an annual cost. You can apply for the Harris Teeter rewards card online. 1075 rewards will be equal to $10. There is even a calculator on their official page to see how much you can earn with rewards.

Harris Teeter is a supermarket chain with 248 stores in Florida, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. You will find also a subscription system to the Harris Teeter and other weekly ads to get emails.

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Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Jul 6 - 12, 2022

Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Jul 6 - 12, 2022

Above is the Harris Teeter Weekly Ad for July 6–12, 2022. Harris Teeter is your neighborhood grocer headquartered in Matthews, NC 28106-0100. The store's phone number is 1-800-432-6111. Here's a preview of some of the great deals that will be featured in Harris Teeter's weekly sale for the week of July 6–12, 2022! The fresh fruit section of the ad is as cheerful as usual, but another addition will make it even better! Certain fresh fruits are now given a special deal for this week. This week, customers receive double fuel points on purchases of fresh vegetables. Never miss a deal again with the Harris Teeter Weekly Ad and Coupons app, allowing you to download weekly ads from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer.

Keep your family nourished and satisfied with Harris Teeter's Deals of the Week. Find great deals on items like porterhouse or T-bone steak, peaches, ground beef and more. Also, find deals on fresh seafood items like salmon fillets and shrimp farm-raised white shrimp. Stock up on some organic strawberries and peaches, or try the store's flavorful pork baby back ribs. With plenty of weekly specials that inc... Read More...


Harris Teeter Ad Jun 29 - Jul 5, 2022

Harris Teeter Ad Jun 29 - Jul 5, 2022

During the week of June 29 through July 5 in 2022, the North Carolina-based supermarket chain Harris Teeter Neighborhood Food & Pharmacy grocery chain released a new flyer that will be in use until the following week's sales. The Harris Teeter Ad for the period of June 29 to July 5, 2022, advertises fresh BOGO free deals, seafood products, grocery items, seasonal goods, exclusive deals for members of the VIC Card Program, sale events that last for five days, and many more specials. In 2022, Harris Teeter will sell a range of products, foodstuffs, and fresh fruit from June 29 through July 5. View the most recent summer sale deals.

Farmers Market Whole Watermelons, $3.99 each Farmers Market Extra Large Red Cherries, $3.99 per pound Farmers Market Sweet Corn, 2 for $5 Harris Teeter Ad the Fourth of July Sales Jun 29 - Jul 5, 2022

The Fourth of July is drawing close, which means that it is nearly time to light the fireworks and get ready to make the most of this opportunity. Harris Teeter is commemorating the Fourth of July with significant discounts, much like other shops. For a limited time only, the 4th of July sales e... Read More...

Harris Teeter Ad Jun 22 - 28, 2022

Harris Teeter Ad Jun 22 - 28, 2022

During the week of June 22 through June 28 in 2022, the North Carolina-based supermarket chain Harris Teeter Neighborhood Food & Pharmacy grocery chain released a new handbill that will be in use until the following week's sales. General store goods, groceries, and fresh fruit are all on sale at Harris Teeter from June 22 to June 28 in 2022. Take a look at the latest summer sale specials.

Whole beef tenderloin is now $1 more expensive than it was last year. The price rose from $11 to $12. Because it is ideal for serving a big number of people and doesn't need a lot of labor, we prefer to prepare this unique cut of meat for the holidays. You can cook a tenderloin cut of roast beef that will make you shut your eyes, dance about the kitchen, and grin with each mouthful with only a little amount of preparation, a nice skillet, and a probe meat thermometer.

Discover other items to add to your shopping list.

Whole Beef Tenderloin, $11.99 per pound Farmers Market Eastern Peaches, $0.99 per pound Harris Teeter 80% Lean Ground Chuck, $2.99 per pound Wild Caught Snow Crab Clusters or Wild Caught Dungeness Crab Clusters, $12.99 p... Read More...

Harris Teeter BOGO Deals Sep 2 - 8, 2020

Shop new grocery items with BOGOs. Get the second item or the third for free. Harris Teeter BOGO Deals Sep 2 8 2020One of the products you can shop with a BOGO deal is Ken's salad dressing. When you use mozzarella, dressing, lettuce, and some tomatoes, you can make a really nice sandwich for your lunch. Eggs, tomatoes, salmon fillet, and more products are on sale this week. Check out Harris Teeter Weekly Ad BOGOs:

Harris Teeter Ad e-Vic Member Sale Aug 26 - Sep 1, 2020

Take a look at the grocery items of the e-Vic member savings. Simple Truth products, orange juice, and more nutritious and delicious breakfast foods are available at lower costs with those e-Vic Member special savings. Blackberries, seedless grapes, clementines, mushrooms, and more products are also available on the latest Harris Teeter Weekly Ad. If you are interested in saving more, view the BOGO deals. One of the BOGO items of this week is Harris Teeter Ketchup. HT Traders Coffee will be Buy 2 Get 3 Free and way more than these are viewable on Harris Teeter Ad Aug 26 - Sep 1.

Harris Teeter Ad e Vic Member Sale Aug 26 Sep 1 2020

Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Groceries Jun 17 - 23, 2020

There are two important deals of a Harris Teeter Ad. Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Groceries Jun 17 23 2020BOGO Free deals and e-Vic member savings are some of the deals that you should see in any of them. View all the latest ones in the current one. Groceries like organic ice cream, oat milk, Greek yogurt, and more appear in the ad. They also offer fresh fruits on sale. Mostly packaged pantry products are the top deals of the Harris Teeter Weekly Ad Jun 17 - 23. Don't forget to see these deals if you have this store nearby.