Food Lion Weekly Ad

Food Lion trades with more than 1100 stores in 10 states. The main product range of the retailer is grocery. Check this page for Food Lion Weekly Ad deals. Ralph Ketner was a founder of this retailer and he was a famous philanthropist who died in 2016. Products of household, fresh produce, grocery, meat, seafood, and like-class categories of weekly supplies are possibly on sale in the new weekly ad. Browse the entire product range of the ad to decide which item to be on your shopping list. Food Lion Weekly Circular contains new savings.

Hot sales can be the items you encounter in the Food Lion Ad. A reward system is available in the regular sale advertisements. You can be the MVP of the month. BOGO deals are popular savings in these ads as well. Moreover, the MVP coupons will increase the savings from your weekly shopping sessions. Customers can also shop for original Food Lion brand products in stores or online. Browse Food Lion Circular to get all of the current deals.

Hot sales are the content of Food Lion sales ad but there are also 3-day deals, BOGOs, and coupons in the ads. The store adopts a strategy of retailing easy and fresh products every day. You can see this slogan on their stores “Easy fresh affordable”.


When to find good deals at Food Lion supermarket?

Here we update Food Lion weekly specials whenever they are available. It's usually updated on Wednesdays. The validity date of these ads is also the same day.

Are there Food Lion BOGO deals in Food Lion Circular?

Yes. In fact, this is a type of deal you can frequently see in a Food Lion weekly flyer because they are mostly hot sales. BOGO deals are almost equal to half prices because you get a second item for free. Sometimes the second of the same item will cost half.

Can I subscribe to this ad?

Yes. You can subscribe to Food Lion weekly ads to receive these deals. The only thing you need to do is to type in your email in the box.

Is it possible to find Food Lion Sales Paper? 

You can possibly find paper ads in-store.

How is meat at Food Lion?

Buying meat at Food Lion should be very convenient for most customers. They have an aisle of sealed beef and many types of meat can be found in this aisle. Buy fresh-cut, vacuum-sealed products that can also last longer in your fridge.

Is check out quick at Food Lion stores?

In fact, the retailer aims to have the fastest registers in the southeast. They made this happen by navigating their staff to the registers and adding express registers. In the express check out, you can only pass with 12 items. Also, the associates carry a wireless headset to communicate all the time.

How to save with Food Lion Coupons?

You may receive a coupon for your next purchase when you shop a certain amount at this store. They are called MVP monthly rewards. But the rules are not the same always. Sometimes extra savings through those coupons can be found both in the ad and in the store. Check out Food Lion MVP coupons in the ads, too. Digital MVP account can be found here. This whole service is called shop & earn.

Where are Food Lion Stores?

Stores are located in southeast America. When you look at it in general, it's really a premium service you are getting from a store of this retailer chain. It's sometimes really easy to save, some people call it Food Lion grocery haul.

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Food Lion Weekly Ad Jan 19 - 25, 2022

Excellent quality meat, an extensive product range of grocery products. Find a fantastic sale in the latest Food Lion Ad. Plus, you can get your money back if you are not satisfied. The meat sale has spiral hams, cubed steak, ribeye steak, fresh ground turkey breast, and more products. Starting on the first page, you have great deals like MVP coupon items and fresh meat. Buy top round London broil for only $3.99 this week. In th deli - bakery, you can save via BOGO Free deal. Fiorucci pre-sliced meats and Yancey's fancy cheeses are the highlighted deals in that category. Browse the grocery and snack sale this week. See these deals in the Food Lion Weekly Ad Jan 19 - 25, 2022:

Top Round London Broil $3.99 lb. pg 1 All Fresh Pork Ribs 25% off Cocktail Smokies 2/$7 pg 3 Stacy's Pita Chips or Thins BOGO free pg 4 Simek's Beef Meatballs $4.99 ea pg 7 Arizona Tea 2/$5 Smart Living 18 Ounce Stoneware Mug BOGO free pg 8 Nestlé Toll House Cookies 2/$5 pg 10 Nature Made Vitamins $1 off Fresh fruit and veg deals pg 13 20% off sale - MVP - Bibigo Dumplings, Smartfood popcorn, Hanover Beans, Birds Eye SteamFresh vegetables, Rao's Family Size dinners, Old El Paso taco or fajita dinner k... Read More...


Food Lion Weekly Ad Jan 12 - 18, 2022

Food Lion Weekly Ad Jan 12 - 18, 2022 is a great alternative option if you want to shop good food at cheaper prices. Find products like fresh vegetables starting from the first page of the new ad. There is an extensive grocery sale in this ad. Moreover, you can earn rewards. Buy 93% lean ground beef for only $5.99 lb. Nature's Promise chicken breast portions, taste of inspirations hummus, food lion sauce, and more items are som eof the items from the BOGO sale from deli - bakery. Game day snacks are a popular category in all supermarket ads right now. It shows some deals on snacks or snacking food like Ball Park Meat Franks.

Beef T-Bone steak, strawberries, blackberries, red potatoes, Folgers coffee, and more items pg 1  Meat sale: lean ground beef, stew beef pg 2  Rana Filled Pasta pasta, depalo foods stromboli, fresh churned butter, and more pg 4  Game Day Savings: Ball Park Meat Franks, Mtn Dew Uproar, Lay's Potato Chips, pg 7  Organic products: organic chicken, red potatoes, bbq sauce, gala apples, and more pg 8 

View all the latest deals and special offers in Food Lion Weekly Ad Jan 12 - 18, 2022. The last part of this ad is mostly MVP coupon sale. Packaged re... Read More...

Food Lion Weekly Ad Jan 5 - 11, 2022

Food Lion Weekly Ad Jan 5 - 11, 2022 sale contains products like cooked shrimp, chicken breast, beef chuck roast, and many more products for good prices starting on the front page. Don't forget to see 1-day hot sale that has coke, Doritos, Cheetos, Cheerios, and more items. MVP digital coupon sale can be a good option to save on Tide or Ruffles. Find perfect steak and fresh meat deals in the Food Lion Ad. Visit the meat department for ground beef, ribs, cubed ham, chicken drumsticks, and more items. This is great to find some ready foods from the deli. Flatbread pizzas, deli salads. Bagels, rolls, crumbled cheese, and similar sort products from the deli can be interesting offers.

Beef Chuck Roast $3.99 lb. Hellmann's Mayonnaise $3.49 ea mfr's discount 73% Lean Fresh Ground Beef $3.79 lb. pg 3 Flatbread Pizzas MVP $4.99 Taste Of Inspirations Snacking Rounds MVP $5.49 ea pg 6 V8 Vegetable Juice MVP 2/$5 Coke Products MVP 4/$10 pg 7 Sargento Shredded Cheese 2/$5

Browse the nonfood categories of the new ad. IT has everything from shampoos to baby care products. Pampers cruisers super pack will cost $25.99 and the coupon is a $3 discount. Browse the new fresh sale wh... Read More...

Food Lion MVP Program

Do you MVP online? If not, you are missing a part of the whole saving game at this store. Creat your digital MVP account today. And if you use the Food Lion app, you will have access to things like shop & earn rewards of MVP, Food Lion MyWallet features, and deals like these in-ad hot sale items. Utilizing mobile apps like these is crucially important for making your shopping faster and more profitable. Sign up today.

Using MVP online is better than in-store because you will be able to use those mentioned features like MVP digital coupons.

Food Lion MVP Online Perks

Food Lion MVP Program online benefits are these. But as they say, you will save more than you bargained for in the future. There are sometimes surprise digital coupons and rewards for certain purchases. They are mostly advertised on Food Lion Weekly Ad.

Using the Food Lion app, you will be able to load coupons to your card. Go to the savings hub page of the store to see coupons. Start adding these coupons to your card via the app. Moreover, you can sign up for the newsletter to hear from the coupons and ads. Food Lion MVP Program Monthly Rewards is one of the best loyalty-rewards programs of a supermarket.

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Also, you can use an in-store Kiosk to scan your MVP card. Sign up for your MVP card on

Food Lion Grocery Jul 8 - 14, 2020 Sale | The Best Hot Sale

Make your table a king's dinner table cooking your favorite recipes using high-quality ingredients that you buy from a Food Lion supermarket. Food Lion Grocery Jul 8 - 14, 2020 Sale | The Best Hot Sale Saturday-only sale, MVP coupon deal is 1-day hot sale of the supermarket. A lot of fresh products and snacks are currently promoted items on the first page. Shop these items on the weekend. If you like to shop on the weekends, this deal might be your option to buy something you like at a lower cost. Food Lion Ad is a great source to find such deals. MVP is monthly savings at Food Lion. When you spend a certain amount at this store, monthly discounts are offered for you. Gain Laundry detergent, Tide Laundry detergent are both MVP digital coupons. Food Lion Grocery Jul 8 - 14 items and prices:

1-day hot sale:

More deals:

Frozen Sale, Summer Food, Dairy, and From Food Lion Grocery Jul 8 - 14 Sale

Fruit snacks, chips, and more very enjoyable foods are going to be on sale at Food Lion stores. They have a great source of deals with this ad. Buy products like rotisserie chicken, Panera mac and cheese, cooked ham, and more products at lower costs. Check out Food Lion Weekly Ad products:

More deals:

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Food Lion 4th of July Sale | The Best of Weekly Ad Jul 1 - 7

New deals from the Food Lion 4th of July sale and a new Food Lion Ad. Food Lion 4th of July Sale | Weekly Ad Jul 1 - 7The deals are effective on Jul 1 - 7. Browse 3-day hot sale on the first page. They have the offers of Cheez-It or snap'd crackers, Kraft salad dressing, Lay's or Kettle Chips, Kraft Mayonnaise, BOGO free deal on outshining bars, and more products. View all of them on the first page. Many people celebrate the 4th of July with grilling. If you are one of them, I recommend you to browse a weekly ad from your local supermarket because almost all of them have the best of grilling this week. Ground beef, steak, shrimp, salmon, grillable vegetables, and you name it. They got everything covered. Also, it's summer and it's the season of watermelon. Seedless watermelon is only $2.99 at Food Lion stores.

Grilling Ideas, Steak, Chicken, and Food Lion 4th of July Sale

Browse these star-spangled deals from Food Lion 4th of July sale. Make the best low-fat burger at home. 93% lean ground beef is only $5.49. Also, the store offers money-back guaranteed beef patties.

Meat and grill:

If you want to get similar deals in your inbox, you can leave your email for us to send them. Food Lion 4th of July sale is a good source of deals on your favorite piece of meat if you like to grill on independence day.