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New Weekly Circulars by popular supermarkets and retailers of the USA are updated here. Below is the list of the brands, Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving weekly ads from them.

Walmart Rx For Less, C-19 Vax, TV Deal, Great Deals

Walmart pharmacy can get 85% cheaper for you if you become a Walmart+ member. The program offers select prescriptions even free. Go to walmartplus.com to enter the drug name and zip code to learn about it. Over 4000 items are eligible for free and discount prices. In three steps, you will get a discount. First search for the item, secondly, get your digital savings card, and finally, receive your discount. Apply for the card here. On Walmart's website, it's clearly stated that this is not insurance. Rx Walmart plus program helps everybody save on their health care needs. Read More about Walmart Rx on walmart.com.

Walmart Covid-19 Vaccine and Walmart Rx

I guess that booking your C-19 Vax is easier than any other historical vaccine that has been made for a pandemic. Schedule your vaccine on this page of walmart.com.

Walmart $100 Discount on TVs

Buy a new TV at Walmart for $100 cheaper price. Big summer savings are being promoted on the website. Samsung 55" Crystal UHD TV is only $497.99 delivered for free for Walmart+ members. A lot of more electronic deals are available in that selection.

Browse Walmart Ad For Grocery Deals

Walmart Ad Jun 2 - 29, 2021The latest sale from Walmart weekly ad can help you with the regular shopping items like groceries, grilling meat, vegetables, ready meals, and lunch foods. All the items are available in the ad to have a better price than regular. You can sometimes see deals like Walmart Rx on the Walmart ad, too.


Shark Mother's Day Gift Ideas

You can buy robot vacuums, Upright vacuum, special vacuums for pet hair, carpet washers, and more sophisticated modern vacuums from Shark. On Mother's Day these will be probably the most popular type of gifts ever. Go to Shark Clean page to see all of these new deals made for Mother's Day. Moreover, if you give your email for a subscription to their newsletter, you will get 10% off. Check out these deals and more on their website.


Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer Waterproof Ultra Fast Backlight

Save with this really good deal at Amazon. It's the BBQ season and you will need at least one of these digital red meat thermometers. All meat lovers know that without knowing the internal temperature of meat, we can never be sure the stage of the grilling process. And it's also true for pan fried steak, too. Its stick can bend so you can hold it vertically ,too. This is Amazon's Choice today's deal right now. Only limited time offer. Buy this on amazon.com.